Need an Irish T-shirt? – A Begorrathon 2015 Post

10540639_1757341961158634_6155832357900222278_nThis post first appeared a year ago in the run up to Saint Patrick’s Day. Once again, let me explain that I have no connection to Hairy Baby Clothing Company. Since writing the piece, I have found two other Irish companies that make deadly t-shirts. north-full Grand Grand t-shirts are made in Dublin and has styles that appeal to all sorts: jackeens, boggers, skangers, D4 types, you name it. supergaeilgoir_mna

Fans of Gaeilge may want to check out  An Spailpín Fánach, which has a large range of t-shirts that will appeal to Irish speakers. If you follow Clisare on You Tube, you may recognise some of the designs, as she wears a lot of their t-shirts.

Disclaimer: I don’t work for Hairy Baby Clothing Company or have any association with them. I just like their teehsirts.

With less than a month to St. Patrick’s Day, it’s time to decide what to wear. You won’t impress anybody from Ireland this St. Patrick’s Day if you walk into the pub wearing this:

download (4)Or this


No self-respecting Irish person would be caught dead in such a thing. It smacks just a little too much of this.

Mind you, a lot of people are wising up to this nonsense.his Like this guy.

Expats: If you really want to show your Irishness, or if you are a wannabe Irish trying to impress an Irish person on the big day, you could do worse than visit Hairy Baby Clothing Company. The Irish company has been making Irish-themed teeshirts for people who “get it”, meaning the references are peculiarly Irish and may well mystify the rest of the world. With slogans such as “The crack was 90”, “langer”, “you’ll never guess who’s dead”, as well as celebrations of such Irish wonders as Bosco and Father Ted, the company makes tee-shirts that any Irish expat would be proud to wear.

Here is a selection.

hbm-who-said-mass-f-mgThe question many an Irish teenager was asked by their parents on Sundays. It was often followed by a Spanish Inquisition style interrogation about the sermon. It’s almost as if parents didn’t believe their kids went to Mass. Imagine.

hbm-the-immersion-f-ebVisitors to the Emerald Isle continue to be bemused at the mysteries of the Irish house

hbm-guaranteed-irish-f-cg_1You don’t see this slogan too much anymore in Ireland. It was a staple of my childhood, adorning everything from school exercise books to cereal boxes.

hbrw-bosco-kelly-f_1This is Bosco, an androgynous puppet who sprang out of a box, speaking cupla focail, scarring many an Irish childhood.

hbm-sound-as-a-pound-f-cgUniversal phrase of approval; can be used for people, places, pets, pubs, pints, but never a politician. The Irish pound, of course, no longer exists, but ‘sound as a euro’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

tedstee0027_black_full4A reference to one of the most famous scenes from the brilliant Father Ted:

ttm-my-lovely-horse-f-ag_1Another Father Ted teeshirt.

Neil Hannon of Irish band The Divine Comedy had a hand in writing the fictional Eurovision Song Contest entry

ttw-feck-off-cup-f-mb_2Yet another Father Ted tee, in honour of Father Jack

hbm-jax-beanjax-f-cgA brilliant punning tee that works on many levels that I’m almost loath to explain. The Jax (or jacks) is slang for what in polite society is called ‘the powder room’. Bean (pronounced BAN) is Gaeilge for ‘woman’. BANJAXED is also slang for ‘broken’.

See, when you try to explain it, it sounds silly, but I’m telling you: wear this teeshirt on St. Patrick’s day and you’ll get a smile out of any Irish people around.

You can get ready for St. Patrick’s Day by ordering your Hairy Baby teeshirt here.




6 thoughts on “Need an Irish T-shirt? – A Begorrathon 2015 Post

  1. “You’ll never guess who’s dead!” – HAHA. This is my fav.

    And: “C’mere to me I’ll kill ya.” You want to kill me? Why would I go anywhere near you!? Ah, Irish mammies.

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