The Superlong Superhero Movie Marathon


If the guys at your local comic-book store look a little bleary-eyed on May 1st, it’s because they’ll probably still be recovering from a major event the previous day (no virginity jokes, please).


I’ve written before about the Multispandex, the continuing dominance of comic book movies at the cinema. The Multispandex costume is stretching even more right about now as we may be approaching Peak Marvel, what with a host of Marvel heroes on the small screenthe imminent arrival of The Avengers: Age of Ultron to theaters, and speculation about the new Spider-Man.

For some fans, though, there can never be enough Marvel movies. And you’ll probably find those people – if they live in the United States – in various cinemas around the country at the end of April enjoying (if that’s the word) a twenty-seven hour Marvel movie marathon.


Beginning on the evening of April 29th, every single Marvel Studios movie will be screened, beginning with Iron Man and ending with the new Avengers movie. That’s eleven movies in total.


The schedule is as follows:

6:00pm IRON MAN


10:35pm IRON MAN 2

1:00am THOR



8:48am IRON MAN 3





That should go some way to appeasing them, considering they’re going to be watching the film a week after fans in Ireland, Britain and India. I just hope the marathon moviegoers have superhero powers of bladder control.

Notable by it s absence from the list is Ang Lee’s Hulk (starring Eric Bana). That is because Lee’s film is not part of the much-vaulted Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie’s rights are owned by Universal.

22 thoughts on “The Superlong Superhero Movie Marathon

    1. i MAY be warming up to it, but that might only be because I’ve been covering – or trying to cover – the whole marvel cinematic universe thing for a while now. i like the first avengers film up to a point; i like the first iron man (have not seen 2 or 3). Thor was OK. My favourite, somewhat shockingly for me, is the first Capt. America. I thought GOTG was junk, which apparently makes me a curmudgeonly, humourless old gobshite.


      1. I loved the first Iron Man, it’s by far my favourite. A lot of people disagree with me but the second and third Iron Mans (Iron Men?) never lived up to it, even though I’m a massive RDJ fan. Liked Thor, a lot. Maybe because of Chris Hemsworth. Maybe because Norse mythology. Who knows. Really enjoyed both Captain Americas. LOVED the first Avengers film. So much super action. Plus, I love Joss Whedon. He can do almost no wrong in my eyes.

        Guardians of the Galaxy? SO MUCH FUN. I wouldn’t call you a humourless old gobshite, but I might question your sense of adventure. 😡

        Ah no, not really. The OH wasn’t really impressed with GOTG either. He fell asleep. He liked Captain America though. He’s not a massive Marvel fan. Not much interest in superheroes in general, though he likes Batman.

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      2. and I think Batman is a humourless twat. that’s probably why I liked the Lego Film so much. anyway, you can go to the Liffey Centre (wherever the hell that is; i’ve been gone a long time) and watch NINE marvel movies including the new one for a mere forty euro 🙂

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      3. It’s the Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, which is out by Lucan. That’s great value for NINE Marvel movies but seriously, I can barely sit through one in the theatre anymore, I’m way too old. Plus, there’s an Eddie Rockets right beside that cinema, that just will not end well.

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      4. Lucan! For f*cks sake; it would end up costing me tons just to get there and back. So is that some awful multiplex then? Why can’t they have this nonsense in a proper cinema like the Savoy? and i know what you mean about Eddie Rockets. I had a weakness for Abrakebabra (but only when I’d had a few; I couldn’t stomach it sober. Can anyone?)

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      5. Yup, it’s a multiplex! Most of them are now, the only theatres I’d be at all interested in going to now these days are the Savoy and the Lighthouse. It’s the main reason I really, really miss working in town.

        OMG ABRAKEBABRA. You have to be drunk to eat that. The memories of grabbing my feed from Abrakebabra after a night out, and inhaling it on the Nitelink home. And I wondered why I’d always have a dodgy tummy the next morning!? “I must have had a bad pint” – my hole. It was the garlic cheesy chips.

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    1. at least it’s a fun 27 hours; can you imagine if DC did this? including the tim burton ad richard donner films, it’s seven batman films, 5 supermans, and a green lantern. by the time the dark knight has finished rising i’d be bored shitless

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      1. Eh. SOME of the Marvel ones would be fun. Honestly, I could skip a few of those. I could skip a few DC ones, too, but NOT the Nolan films or Burton films. Those kick ass. 😀

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