The Begorrathon 2015 – Week One


The Begorrathon is off to a roaring start!

We’ve had talk of books, film, travel, and music … and giveaways!


Dublin Bookworm celebrates Irish literature here.

Freeburner reviewed The Glorious Heresies.


Beanmimo started off the week with another of his fiendishly difficult film trivia quizzes.

Cathy at 746 Books shared her Top Ten Irish Authors and reviewed William Trevor’s Love and Summer


She also took a look at lovely Irish film Once.

David Keane reviewed The Butcher Boy.

Bookharama reviewed The Canterville Ghost and After Easter


TVOR provided some stories from trips to Cobh and Dublin.

Frances MacAulay Forde shared a lovely photo from Cork.


I had a look at the comedies The Stag and In Bruges

My Book Strings reviewed The Hand That Once Held Mine.

Fleur had a read of Tana French’s Broken Harbour.

download (3)

We have contests from 746 Books and the Verbal Spew Review.

We put together some Irish music to have a listen to: here and here.


There’s lots still to come and the blogging challenge goes on until the end of March. Link your posts on Irish culture here or to 746 Books if you’d like to take part.

8 thoughts on “The Begorrathon 2015 – Week One

  1. Looks good Niall! I hope to have some time this week to give my contribution, I haven’t watch Calvary yet and your blogathon seems like the perfect opportunity 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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