The Begorrathon 2015 – Week Two


Another week, another shed-load of great posts.

All the posts for the month can be found here.

We had two book giveaways this week, one from Cathy and one from our friend Bookahrama.

Also, a reminder: our friend V at the Verbal Spew Review has organised a very special giveaway!


JacquiWine reviewed Mary Costello’s debut novel Academy Street.

Edna O’Bren’s classic The Country Girls was reviewed by My Book Strings.

Tvor Travels continued her posts about toodling around the country.

I took a look at a couple of films, including the marvellous Good Vibrations.


Cathy reviewed a load of crime novels, including books by Tana French and Arlene Hunt.

But it wasn’t all grim crime stuff. Sure after all aren’t we gas? The Mental Attic wrote about Irish comedians, and Dublin Bookworm had a look at Flann O’Bren’s The Poor Mouth.


The Literary Sisters checked out the The Commitments.

Fleur in her World crushed grapes with Somerville and Ross.


Fellow film buff Beetley Pete praised Lenny Abrahamson’s Garage.

images (1)

The Mental Attic took a bite out of Dracula.

We had bad Oirish accents.

And we even had a recipe for soda bread!

9 thoughts on “The Begorrathon 2015 – Week Two

  1. We recently watched an excellent Irish film, recommended to me by our GP. Mr C wasn’t keen, as he dislikes Dr Wilson, so even when I said it was supposedly v funny he was a bit dubious. But we both loved it – it was The Guard. (Straight after that we watched In Bruges, also really good.) Looking forward to seeing Calvary sometime soon. And I WILL squeeze in some Irish crime fiction before the end of the month!

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  2. I first read someone use the word “Oirish” to describe fake Irish accent or writing when I told them I had an Irish character in a novel but refrained from phonetic writing–mostly because it’s a pain in the arse and makes simple conversations look like gibberish!

    Can’t wait for what goodness week 3 will bring! I wish I could do something more on The Mental Attic, but my next week is focused on an event I recently went to.

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