Begorrathon: What Richard Did (2012)

Movie Rob’s thoughts on Irish film WHAT RICHARD DID for the Begorrathon



This post is part of the Begorrathon hosted by Niall of Raging Fluff.  Check out the other posts all month on his site

wrd“I’m sorry, it was just weird” – Richard

Number of Times Seen – 1 (10 Mar 2015)

Brief Synopsis – What would you do if you were faced with a life changing decision stemming from a momentary lapse of judgment? That’s the question these characters all have to ask themselves after an unexpected event changes everything.

My Take on it – So when Niall asked me to be a part of the Begorrathon, I had no idea what Irish movie I should watch, so he gave me a few suggestions and I randomly chose two based on one line blurbs.

This movie actually has a very good premise, but I felt that it took too long for the movie to get going.

The first 45 minutes bored…

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5 thoughts on “Begorrathon: What Richard Did (2012)

  1. I got to meet Jack Reynor when he was in town promoting Transformers [ugh] I’m curious to see this one because of his performance, sounds like he’s a talented young lad. He’s starring in Macbeth later this year, so glad he’s still doing quality work even after being cast in that silly Michael Bay flick.

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