TIFF Lineup Announced

Mountain climbing, space opera, gangland violence, dotty old ladies, high-wire adventurers, and people who turn into lobsters.

It must be TIFF.

The Toronto International Film Festival announced its lineup today.

Here are some of the films which will be jostling for attention, many of which will possibly feature in next year’s Awards race. Big names like Matt Damon, Tom Hardy, Rachel Weisz, Colin Farrell, and Idris Elba are all bringing movies to the Festival of Festivals.

8 thoughts on “TIFF Lineup Announced

    1. I’ve applied for media accreditation and am just waiting to hear back from TIFF. I would probably only be able to afford to go for a couple of days as I couldn’t stay for the whole week. Do you know of any cheap places to stay in TO?


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