The Martian (official trailer)

8 thoughts on “The Martian (official trailer)

  1. I haven’t read the book, but this looks good, at least. Damon is finally looking older too, which can’t be bad.I hope it isn’t just the usual big build up to the usual happy ending, with scenes of everyone cheering at video screens though…
    Thanks, Niall. Regards, Pete.

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    1. The book is actually quite good and the science is all sound, apparently, which i think is the big plus for the book and hopefully, the film. My main complaint about the book is that although he does a very good job of describing how to survive on Mars, he doesn’t really go in for describing the sheer wonder it must be to actually be the only person on Mars, or to take a moment to describe if the stars look different from there. I’m hoping the film has some of that
      And I’m really hoping it’s a good film; I want Ridley Scott to be back on form


  2. ‘I’m going to have to science the shit out of this.”
    And what does this mean: “You either accept it, or you get to work.” They are both the same thing!

    If you’re going to aim low, like this, then how about that old B-film schlock from 1964, Robinson Crusoe on Mars. At least it was funny, entertaining and not full of macho posturing.

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