The Men of ‘Black Hawk Down’


Black Hawk Down is directed by Ridley Scott, but it’s produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, which might explain some of the cast: Josh Hartnett had starred in Pearl Harbor, as had Tom Sizemore. Jason Isaacs and William Fichtner are familiar faces from Armageddon.

I recently rewatched the film, which I’m glad to report still holds up, and I was struck by many of the actors, mostly unknown then, who went on to become big stars. In that way it’s very similar to Band of Brothers.

For instance, did you know that Tom Hardy is in it? And Nicolas Coster-Waldau. And Jeremy Piven!?!

Jason Isaacs
Eric Bana
Orlando Bloom
Josh Hartnett
Johnny Strong
Tom Sizemore
Jeremy Piven
William Fichtner, Jason Isaacs, Tom Sizemore, Kim Coates
Ioan Gruffudd
th (1)
Hugh Dancy
th (2)
Ty Burrell
th (3)
Nicolas Coster-Waldau
th (4)
Sam Shepard
th (5)
Željko Ivanek
th (6)
Matthew Marsden
th (7)
Ewen Bremner
th (8)
Ewan McGregor
tom hardy
Tom Hardy
William Fichtner
Enrique Murciano
Gregory Sporleder
Gregory Sporleder
Ron Eldard
Ron Eldard

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