The story of legendary athlete Jesse Owens gets the Hollywood treatment in Race (see, the title is a pun.)

Owens made history in 1936 by- oh, spoiler alert – winning four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics. Of course, he had to overcome a lot of adversity both in Berlin (them Nazi boys didn’t care so much for this schwarzer winning everything) and in the United States, where he faced racism and bigotry on a daily basis.

Stephan James plays Owens. Jason Sudeikis does his comic deadpan thing as his coach. William Hurt, Jeremy Irons, and Carice van Houten also appear (she plays Leni Riefenstahl.)

The trailer makes it look as if Race will fit nicely into the inspirational sports movie genre, although it looks like it might have just a little more bite than the usual film of this type.

And even though it’s set in the 1930s, when pretty much everyone smoked, I guarantee you won’t see a single cigarette.

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