efiL siH :tcejorP drieW rehtonA pU smaerD hcnyL divaD

David Lynch is a busy man these days, what with brewing up some damn fine coffee for his Twin Peaks revival, terrifying art-lovers with his paintings, and convening a Master’s degree in film.


He’s so busy he has called in a collaborator, journalist Kristine McKenna, to help him pen his memoirs. Lynch wants to write the book to clear up some rumors about his life and work. “There’s a lot of bullshit out there about me, in books and all over the Internet,” says Lynch, according to the Guardian. “I want to get all the right information in one place, so if someone wants to know something, they can find it here.”

Okay, for starters, I want to know how he came up with the idea of a singer on stage inside a radiator. The memoir won’t be a conventional life-story (this is David Lynch we’re talking about, after all.) McKenna plans to interview 90 of the director’s friends, collaborators, and actors who’ve worked with him, as well as Lynch himself, who will be “riffing on his own life.”

The memoir – which I’m really hoping will be written backwards – will be published in 2017.

originally published at 2paragraphs.com

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