Adele’s Hanging on the Telephone

Hello, is it Adele you’re looking for?

You’d be forgiven for thinking of the Lionel Richie classic when you hear the opening notes of Adele’s new song, “Hello”.

The single made its debut this morning.

The simple piano ballad about lost love and regret has a rousing chorus, with the singer’s voice on as good form as ever. The live version is going to raise the roof.

It’s totes emosh, as the kids say.

The sepia-toned video shows Adele roaming around an old house, remembering an old love who she’s trying – and failing – to get in contact with.


The video seems to be about how difficult it can be to get cell signal in the countryside.

“It’s banjaxed!”

The video was directed by Xavier Dolan. Adele’s former lover is played by Tristan Wilds.

One thought on “Adele’s Hanging on the Telephone

  1. It doesn’t get much better than Adele.
    She writes great songs.
    She sings them well.
    She looks pretty good. (She’s my type, for sure.)
    And best of all, she’s from South London!
    (I have even managed to forgive her for a James Bond theme. Well, almost…)
    Cheers mate, Pete.

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