The Huntsman: Winter’s War

After suffering yesterday’s trailer for Gods of Egypt, I am now deeply wary of fantasy and CGI.

However, the trailer for The Huntsman: Winter’s War gives me hope.

Firstly, it looks like the money on the special effects was well spent. The film has high production values.

Secondly, it will hopefully have a good story, with the potential for all sorts of conflict between the four main characters.


Thirdly, it has a great cast. I’m still not convinced Chris Hemsworth is much of an actor, but he doesn’t need to do much here except look good and buckle a few swashes.

The addition of Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain bodes well, and Charlize Theron makes a welcome return as the Evil Queen

The film is a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman.

You may recall that Snow White and the Huntsman became the infamous reason why Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson split up, after word of Stewart’s affair with director Rupert Sanders hit the gossip sites.

Neither Stewart or Sanders are returning for the sequel




5 thoughts on “The Huntsman: Winter’s War

  1. I’m with Jay on this one. The first one was pointless, rendering a sequel even more so.
    Charlize looks good, but she manages to do that when advertising perfume on TV.
    One for the kids, I reckon.
    Cheers mate. Pete.

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  2. Hmmmmm, I was not a particular fan of the first one. I think the best thing about it was Charlize Theron, which was one of her FEW roles that didn’t grate on my last nerve. The effects were alright, but aside from that it didn’t do me any wonders. But Chastain? Blunt? I might actually have to consider this one now!

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