Captain America: Civil War

Well, I guess this Marvel Cinematic Universe thing isn’t going away any time soon.


I rather enjoyed the first two Captain America movies, and even the first Avengers film. But Marvel’s superheroes are crowding cinemas so much these days, it’s hard to keep track of who’s who. there were so many comic-book characters in Avengers: Age of Ultron that the film felt overstuffed.


By the looks of things, Captain America: Civil War will be an equally overcrowded movie.

Among all the superheroes on screen I spotted:

Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Falcon, Black Panther, the Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, and War Machine.


Not in the trailer, but featured in the film are Vision, Ant Man, Spider-Man, and … Crossbones (no, I have no idea who that is either).

Missing from this outing in spandex and CGI nonsense are Thor and the Hulk.

Official synopsis:

An incident leads to the Avengers developing a schism over how to deal with situations, which escalates into an open fight between allies Iron Man and Captain America.

Captain America: Civil War opens in May. Among the credits at its imdb page are the characters ‘affluent international traveler’ and ‘upscale funeral patron’, so you know it’s going to be a classy affair.


2 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil War

  1. While I am not big on the MCU – I freaking LOVE Captain America and the movies we have gotten for him. I particularly enjoyed The Winter Soldier, and I was terrified that Civil War would be ridiculously Tony Stark-centric, though the trailer would make it look like it is not the case. I hope not. So I am quite excited for this one.

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