First Chapter, First Paragraph

First Chapter, First Paragraph


First Chapter, First Paragraph is a bookish meme hosted by Bibliophile by the Sea.

River of Smoke
For METRO PLUS: Amitav Ghosh at the launch of his new book ‘River of Smoke’ in Chennai. Photo: K_V_Srinivasan

My first paragraph is from River of Smoke by Amitar Ghosh, which I am reading as part of  #DiverseDecember.

Deeti’s shrine was hidden in a cliff, in a far corner of mauritius, where the island’s eastern and southern shorelines collide to form the wind-whipped dome of the Morne Brabant. The site was a geological anomaly – a cave within a spur of limestone, hollowed out by wind and water – and there was nothing like it anywhere else on the mountain. Later Deeti would insist that it wasn’t chance but destiny that led her to it – for the very existence of the place was unimaginable until you had actually stepped inside it.


5 thoughts on “First Chapter, First Paragraph

  1. ‘The Goners’, by Bill White. (Reading this electronically on JukePop.)

    Chapter 1
    “Pop that demo in,” Jinx said, steering his wreck of a 1965 Rambler onto the Hollywood freeway. The car, its rear end about to fall off, was an invitation to police harassment, so Jinx had been keeping an eye out all the way down Vineland Avenue. Burbank was one of those communities in Southern California where a person might be arrested on suspicion just for driving a crappy car. With a dozen traffic warrants against him, Jinx couldn’t afford a run-in with the cops. Once on the freeway, he relaxed enough to listen to Billy’s demo tape.

    Regards, Pete.

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