Batman V Superman

Like a superpowered alien with daddy issues, or a wealthy billionaire with a massive chip on his shoulder, the new trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has come brawling its way online.
After teasing audiences for months with hints about what the new movie’s plot will be, Warner Bros’ new trailer makes the conflict between the two superheroes clearer.
Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) thinks Batman is a troublemaking vigilante, and Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) regards Superman as a dangerous threat who could wipe out the planet if he chooses.
Oh, and then there’s Lex Luthor (a bizarrely-coiffed Jesse Eisenberg), stirring up trouble in the form of Doomsday, who is made from a revived General Zod (Michael Shannon), not to mention the appearance of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot).
Zack Snyder’s movie hardly looks subtle, though, and even though fans were critical of the CGI-filled finale of Man of Steel (which I did not enjoy one bit), the sequel looks to offer more of the same. Expect brooding, dark destruction, and a thumping score by Hans Zimmer when Batman V Superman opens next summer.

3 thoughts on “Batman V Superman

  1. I heard about the trailer but I didn’t want to go see it cause I wanted to be surprised about the movie. Cut to me watching a random YouTube video then the trailer plays before the video. I am not impressed by this trailer to be fair I wasn’t impressed about the other trailers, and I never watched man of steele.

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