Elvis & Nixon

I’ll be scribbling some thoughts about the Golden Globes on Monday morning, and there are reviews of Sicario and Spectre to come … in the meantime, enjoy this trailer for Elvis & Nixon, which looks fantastic.

Michael Shannon is nobody’s first choice for a comedy, and the idea of him playing Elvis sounds like miscasting, but based on this trailer, he looks and sounds perfect for the role. Kevin Spacey has had several years of playing Frank Underwood as practice for playing Tricky Dicky.

Elvis & Nixon arrives in cinemas in April.

3 thoughts on “Elvis & Nixon

  1. Well Elvis was a ‘Good Old Boy’, so I suppose it’s only to be expected…
    (I thought he might have been a Southern Democrat though, rather than a Republican)
    Don’t think I will bother with this one though Niall.
    Cheers, Pete.

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