David Bowie: A personal memory

A very nice, personal tribute to Bowie


Julie told me this morning that David Bowie had died. I didn’t even know he had been ill.

He was five years older than me, and his music and acting had been a part of my life since 1967, when I first heard the rather silly song, ‘The Laughing Gnome.’ He popped back briefly, with the hit song ‘Space Oddity’, before disappearing for a while once again.

When I next heard from him, I was 18, and along came ‘The Man Who Sold The World.’ His style had changed, something that would happen many times during a long career. The following year saw the release of the amazing album, ‘Hunky Dory.’ I played this almost to the point of wearing it out, overwhelmed by the talent displayed, and the freshness of the songs. Forty-five years later, I could play it again, and still listen with the same amazement.

Then came…

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