Irish Talent at The Oscars

Well, it was a great day for the Irish at the Oscars evn if it didn’t work out quite as planned.


Brooklyn‘s Saoirse Ronan didn’t win Best Actress, but won the red carpet with her distinctly Irish-coloured Calvin Klein sequined dress.


download (2).jpg

I thought perhaps she couldn’t make up her mind about the jewellery and then forgot about it, but the odd earrings were deliberate.


Also in green was Room‘s writer, Emma Donoghue, who lost out on the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.


We did have one winner, though.

Writer/director Ben Cleary won Best Live Action Short for STUTTERER.

“Every day is a proud day to be Irish but today more so than usual so everyone for all the support back home thank you so much” Cleary said in his acceptance speech.


Room director Lenny Abrahamson (sorry, couldn’t find a photo of him from last night) went home empty-handed, but is already fielding calls from Hollywood. He told Donald Clarke of the Irish Times that he has been approached to direct a major movie.

“Well, it wasn’t Marvel, but I actually was asked about another franchise,” he says. “That was a couple of months ago – based just on the buzz around the Oscars. I have been asked: ‘Would you be the ambassador for the following brand?’ That’s a very peculiar notion. I can’t see how I would be any use to them.”

Star Wars? DC? The Divergent series ?

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners.

My good friend beanmimo has rounded up all the Irish Oscar winners in history. You can read his post here.


5 thoughts on “Irish Talent at The Oscars

  1. I am not Irish (obviously) but one thing about being Irish, is that you can always find a connection to almost anything, anywhere, anytime. Well done to all those featured.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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