A Ludicrously Incestuous Begorrathon Post

One of the great things about having a blog is it’s a great way to promote artsy people, blogs and websites you like. There’s no point having The Begorrathon unless you’re going to give a shout-out to some Irish peeps.

So here’s a big ‘howaya, what’s the story, bud?’ to a few of our favourites.


Barry’s Bespoke Bakery

A short film written and directed by Denis McArdle (yes, he’s my brother). It did the festival circuit a couple of years ago and has won several awards.

You can watch the film here and listen to the brother chat about it a little here. You can also see some of his other films here, including one starring Aidan Gillen (Littlefinger from Game of Thrones).


A Terrible Hullabaloo

A short stop-motion animated film about teenager Vincent Byrne, who at 14 was one of the youngest rebels taking part in the Easter Rising. The film is made by Ben O’Connor (who is my sister’s brother-in-law) and the crew at Bowsie Workshop in Dublin.


Rosie O’Connor Photography

Ben O’Connor’s sister Rosie (this post is getting terribly incestuous, I know) is a highly talented photographer .

Andrew Birbeck

At last, someone who isn’t a relation!


However, I did grow up two doors up the road from Andrew. He’s a versatile freelance writer and if you find yourself flying on Emirates Airlines, you’ll probably read his stuff in their inflight magazine.



The Irish Architectural Archive

If you’re in Dublin visting the National Gallery (which you certainly should – it’s brilliant), hop across Merrion Square and check out The Irish Architectural Archive, which is located in a beautifully restored Georgian house.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They do vital work preserving the records of Ireland’s rich architecural history. One of the archivists is an old college friend, Aisling Dunne (you do realise Ireland is rather small, don’t you? But I mean, it’s not like everyone knows everyone else).

You can listen to Aisling talking about the Archive with another old pal of mine (okay, yes, the country is tiny; everyone does knows everyone else), Sarah Binchy from RTE’s radio arts programme Arena.


Adam’s Cloud

A lovely series of children’s books by Benji Bennett, who, and you might be seeing a pattern here, is an old mate from school. Adam’s Cloud books have been a huge success in Ireland and the UK, and will soon be available in the United States.


Act the Maggot

If you’re in Dublin and looking for something creative to do, especially something a little outside your comfort zone, try an acting or improv class with Act the Maggot. The classes are run by Amy Redmond, and yeah, before you ask, she’s a friend from college.


McGillicuddy McGotham

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day is this piece of Blarney from author Leonard Wibberley, with a new introduction by another old friend of mine, Quentin Fottrell.


Deirdre Griffin Glass Fusion

Deirdre’s lovely jewellery is on sale along with other beautiful Irish designs at Cow’s Lane Designer Studio. And yes, Deirdre is a friend. Have you not cottoned on to what’s going on here?


Groove Festival

In July head to Wicklow for this year’s Groove Music Festival. Acts include Ocean Colour Scene, The Blades, Aslan, and Neville Staple (formerly of The Specials). Their Twitter thingamy, which just happens to run by my old pal beanmimo, is here.

beanmimo’s cousin just happens to be …


Clare O’Dea

Clare is a writer who now lives in Switzerland. Along with myself, she is another Hennessy New Irish Writing winner (for her excellent short story ‘The Favour’). On Monday she wrote about the background to the story for The Begorrathon.


And if you do find yourself in Dublin, you certainly need to check out the Chester Beatty Library, considered one of the finest museums in Europe (it’s fab).

And just around the corner from the Chester Beatty Library is …



Which is a great little restaurant, and yeah, it just so happens to be run by my sister Elaine and her husband Carlo. Check their Facebook page for hours.



Me, Carlo, Elaine, Denis, and all the rest of the family




7 thoughts on “A Ludicrously Incestuous Begorrathon Post

  1. It seems like Ireland is even smaller that I imagined, Niall. I like the look of that ‘breakfast’ pizza, which made me immediately hungry. I couldn’t follow some of the links, as I am not on Facebook (and never will be) but I enjoyed your family and friends roundup a lot.
    Cheers, Pete.

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