The Winged Victory of Samothrace
The Winged Victory at Samothrace. wikipedia/Lyokoi88.

Today is World Poetry Day, a global celebration of verse.


You might be able to swap your poetic musings for coffee today!

As part of Reading Ireland Month, I have chosen “Tractatus” by the wonderful Irish poet Derek Mahon.

Irish Times

The short poem is a heady mix that encompasses Wittgenstein, Greek myth, and a famed historian of the Roman Empire.

‘The world is everything that is the case.’

From the fly giving up in the coal-shed

To the Winged Victory at Samothrace.

Give blame, praise, to the fumbling God

Who hides, shame-facedly, His aged face;

Whose light retires behind its veil of cloud.

The world, though, is also so much more –

Everything that is the case imaginatively.

Tacitus believed mariners could hear

The sun sinking into the western sea;

And who would question that titanic roar,

The steam rising wherever the edge may be?

The schooner Western Union at sunset, off Key West, Florida Keys, Florida USA
Blaine Harrington

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