H is for Hennessy


This is a bit of a cheat for the April A to Z Challenge.

The Irish Times has just announced the shortlisted writers for this year’s Hennessy Literary Awards.

I am on the list – YAY! – for my short story, which was published last year. Click on the picture to read it.

19 Ways to Say “I Love You”

The competition is sponsored by the good people at Hennessy Cognac.


I am not a brandy drinker, but perhaps that will change!

Although Hennessy was originally an Irish distillery, it is based in Cognac, France.


Hennessy Cognac is one of the world’s most popular brandies. It was the favourite tipple of Kim Jong-Il, who reportedly spent $700,000 a year on the stuff.


They hired Nicolas Winding Refn to make a splashy ad for them. Making Hennessy involves grungy bikers, head-dresses, fire, gold body paint, sexy wood nymphs, and a lot of neon lighting, apparently.

I only discovered recently that Hennessy merged with Moët Champagne, which explains why they will be serving Moët at the awards later this month.


I’ll report back here afterwards and let you know if they picked a good vintage for the reception.


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