M is for Model


The fashion world is only occasionally fodder for filmmakers, which is odd considering that the heightened drama, histrionics, megalomania and the inherent superficiality of the industry would seem to make it a perfect choice for movies, if only to deflect the same criticisms of Hollywood.

giphy (1)

For the most part, though, when Hollywood does go after fashionistas, the results are highly satisfying.


Two upcoming films shine a light on the darker side of fashion. Mads Matthiesen’s The Model is about a newcomer who becomes obsessed with a fashion photographer.

Matthiesen’s film looks like it might be a decent, if by the numbers psychological drama.

Fellow Dane Nicolas Winding Refn is also interested in the fashion world. I loved Drive but missed Only God Forgives (by all accounts I didn’t miss much). Hopefully The Neon Demon will be as good as it looks, because it looks like it’s going to be batshit crazy.

And stylish as hell.


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