RIP Muhammad Ali

May 6th 1966: Muhammad Ali in training for his title fight against Henry Cooper. copyright PRESS ASSOCIATION

Sad news this morning of the death of Muhammad Ali.

The sports icon was 74 and had been suffering from Parkinson’s Disease for many years.

Ali, formerly Cassius Clay (aka ‘The Louisville Lip’) was considered the greatest boxer of all time, as well as a flamboyant and controversial figure.

Here is a review I wrote of one of the better books about him – actually, it’s more about his opponents than him: Facing Ali


5 thoughts on “RIP Muhammad Ali

  1. I have never read any books about him, but I remember him well from my youth of course. He beat the English boxer, Henry Cooper who was then a legend to a young Londoner like me. I have also seen the Michael Mann film biopic, starring Will Smith. (That has a really good soundtrack, by the way.)
    It was sad to see such a sporting legend brought down by disease. He will never be forgotten.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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