Blade Runner 2049

Now this is how to do a teaser.

The sequel to Blade Runner will be called Blade Runner 2049.

As a title, it’s a bit meh ( really, why didn’t they go with Blade Runnest?)

However, the talent in front of and behind the camera has me convinced that even if the film isn’t all that, it will at least be a very noble failure.


Let’s look at those involved:

Ridley Scott producing and hopefully ensuring that his original vision isn’t messed with.

Denis Villeneuve directing. He’s on a hot streak (Arrival, Sicario, Prisoners, Enemy) which bodes well.

Roger Deakins lensing. The greatest living cinematographer (many, many Coen movies, Skyfall, The Assassination of Jesse James)  who has amazingly never won an Oscar.


Hampton Fancher co-writing. As everyone knows, Blade Runner was originally his film, filled with his ideas adapted from Philip K. Dick‘s novel. Scott decided that his script needed polishing and it was reworked by David Webb Peoples, and Fancher left the project in tears. This time around, Fancher and Scott have obviously settled their differences. He still has a co-writer, though: Michael Green (the upcoming American Gods series).

Jóhan Jóhansson composing. Who would dare take on a score that could hope to match Vangelis’s classic? This guy.

blade-runner-2049 (1).jpg

And on screen:

Harrison Ford

Ryan Gosling

Jared Leto

Robin Wright

Lennie James

Mackenzie Davis



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