Oscars 2017: The Nominations

The Academy Award nominations were announced this morning.


Most of the names were expected, but there were a few surprises and snubs.

The snubs:


No Amy Adams for Arrival.

No Martin Scorcese for Silence.

No Annette Bening for 20th Century Women.

No Sully.

No Deadpool … nothing at all.

The surprise nominations:


The Lobster – Best Adapted Screenplay


Dev Patel – Best Supporting Actor for Lion.


Ruth Negga – Best Actress for Loving. It wasn’t clear that she’d get a nomination. We’re all rooting for Limerick’s favourite daughter.

Michael Shannon – Best Supporting Actor, Nocturnal Animals. Well-deserved: he’s the best thing in it.

Hell or High Water picks up several nominations, including Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay.



Hacksaw Ridge – six nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director, as well as Best Actor for Andrew Garfield. Mel Gibson’s time in the wilderness is officially over.

The generally diverse feel. After the Academy pledged to do something about its diversity problem following the #oscarssowhite controversy, it can hold its head up high this year.


The complete list is here.

The Academy Awards are on February 26th.


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