The Begorrathon 2017

March is just around the corner, which in these parts means only one thing.


Reading Ireland Month


Once again, Cathy from 746 Books and I will be co-hosting a month-long blogathon on all things Irish: books, movies, music, TV, and whatever you’re having yourself. download.gif


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We had huge success last year: 130 posts from bloggers worldwide!

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We’re a fairly easy-going lot so the rules are quite simple:

  • Put a link to your post on our Facebook page and we’ll be sure to share it
  • Link to our master post on either of our blogs: FOR POSTS ABOUT POETS, PLAYWRIGHTS and AUTHORS, link back to Cathy at 746 Books
  • FOR POSTS ABOUT FILMS, MUSIC, TV or ANYTHING ELSE, link back to Niall at Raging Fluff
  • Watch our Reading Ireland Month trailer to give you some ideas for what to watch, read, eat or drink
  • Join the craic on Facebook
  • Check out the list of 100 Irish Novels on 746 Books blog in case you need some help choosing a book
  • Don’t forget to tweet about your post using the hashtags #readireland17 or #begorrathon17

Reading Ireland Month begins on March 1st.

Full details here.



14 thoughts on “The Begorrathon 2017

      1. I make no comment on the veracity of the depiction of Ireland in The Quiet Man, suffice to say that it still gets tourists coming to Ireland looking to find things just as they are in the film despite that fact that it’s more than sixty years old. And it was always a sentimental Hollywood version of Ireland that was already out of date when it was made.

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