Oscars 2017: Semi-Final Thoughts

The Academy Awards take place tomorrow night.

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Usually by the time the Oscars come around, I’ve seen most or all of the nominated films, but this year has been very busy for me with work and other stuff, so I am way, way behind, so I can’t really say which films deserve which awards.

Oscars 2017 reviews will continue throughout March – along with Begorrathon stuff.

That said, after the awards season we’ve had so far, certain points seem obvious:


La La Land is going to go home with almost all of the 14 Oscars it’s nominated for.


Viola Davis is going to win Best Supporting Actress (I haven’t seen Fences yet and am really keen to watch it).


Emma Stone will possibly maybe probably win Best Actress.


Casey Affleck will win Best Actor for Manchester by the Sea. I know this even though I haven’t seen the film yet, because Affleck has been picking up acting prizes for his role in the drama left and right, and his performance has been lauded by all the critics’ awards and the Golden Globes. However, he didn’t win the SAG Award, which went to Denzel Washington, and SAG members make up a considerable bloc at the Academy. It’s possible that they will throw a curve ball and give the Oscar to Ryan Gosling because a) Gosling is part of the La La Land juggernaut and b) unlike Affleck, Gosling doesn’t have a sleazy reputation for sexual harassment.

And then there are the completely out-of-left-field possibilities:


The Academy remembers how much it used to love Mel Gibson and he makes a triumphant return to Hollywood, picking up Best Picture and Best Director for Hacksaw Ridge.


The Academy remembers how much it likes Natalie Portman and how much it likes the smoke-filled 1960s and the Kennedy legend and so decides to give Jackie all sorts of recognition.


The Academy remembers how much it loves gruff old-timer Jeff Bridges and that gnarly old genre, the western, and so Hell or High Water goes home with a clutch of Oscars.


The Academy remembers that what it really loves is a good old-fashioned romance and what it really loves even more is Jennifer Lawrence in zero gravity and so it overlooks the skeezy subtext in Passengers.


The Academy is torn between Dev Patel and Mahershala Ali for Best Supporting Actor. Then it remembers that Michael Shannon is one of the best actors working today and by far the best thing in Nocturnal Animals (which the Academy wisely almost completely ignored).


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