RIP Barry Norman

For film fans of a certain generation, today is a sad day.

Barry Norman, legendary film critic, has passed away.


For almost 25 years he presented Film [insert year here] on BBC One, and arguably as one of the most influential British film critics, known to movie fans for his witty, insightful reviews of the latest releases.

Film stars didn’t always like him: he had famous run-ins with John Wayne, Bruce Willis, Kevin Costner and Robert de Niro.

His face and voice were known to millions, and he was awarded the ultimate 1980s UK tribute to celebrities, a caricature on Spitting Image.


Whether he actually ever said “And why not?” is up for debate, but it became the catchphrase everyone associated with him, and the title of his autobiography.

His dad was producer Leslie Norman (The Cruel Sea); his mum, Elizabeth worked in the editing suite at Ealing Studios. He began his career as a journalist.

His daughters, Samantha and Emma, both followed in their dad’s footsteps and work as journalists.

The iconic theme tune to Film … was “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free”


One thought on “RIP Barry Norman

  1. Norman had a great pedigree, and knew his stuff. There were times when his film show felt more like ‘Newsnight’, but he left behind an impressive body of work. For myself, I used to refer to Philip Jenkinson back then. I found that I generally agreed with his opinions, at least most of the time.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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