Write by the Sea

Another weekend, another beautiful seaside village, another literary festival.


Following last week’s Bray Literary Festival, this weekend I made a flying visit to Kilmore Quay in Ireland’s Sunny Southeast* for the second annual Write by the Sea festival.

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The festival featured readings, interviews, workshops and music.


Sadly, I could only stay for one day, but luckily on that day I got to see my pal Cat Hogan (who lives locally) give a fantastic, insightful workshop on writing, editing and – crucially for all aspiring writers – publishing (plenty of insider tips about how to approach a publisher. Hint – they’re like skittish woodland creatures: if you don’t creep up on them, calling softly, they get startled and scatter into the undergrowth).

I also had the pleasure of listening to Peter Murphy read/recite/perform from an intriguing work in progress (in between funny anecdotes from his days as a music journo).


The highlight of the day was a wonderful joint interview with two two-wheeled travel writers: motorcyclist Geoff Hill and living legend Dervla Murphy.

Write by the Sea is an Irish literary festival that might get overlooked, which is a real shame.

Do yourself a favour. Check out their Facebook page and be sure to mark your calendar for next September.

Myself and Cat Hogan at the launch. Photo courtesy Nicola Reddy photography

*It’s usually extremely sunny, but on the day I was there, the clouds were massively incontinent.

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