Crossing the Threshold


I don’t know if you know about the online arts magazine Spontaneity, but you really should. My pal (and fellow Hennessy writer) Ruth McKee does a fantastic job putting together a collection of prose, visual art, music and poetry, where each piece is inspired by and in turn inspires another.

The latest issue’s theme is HOME, dedicated to raising awareness (and funds) to fight child homelessness in Ireland.

At the time of publication, over three thousand children are without somewhere permanent to live in Dublin. In this special extended issue, writers and artists respond to the theme of home. If you’d like to donate something to Inner City Helping Homeless, you can do so here.

I am delighted to be included in the new issue, and I’m in some incredible company including Nuala O’Connor, Stephanie Conn, Alan McMonagle, Natalia Berglund, Sarah Buckley, Marta Zamarska.

My story “Crossing the Threshold” was inspired by ‘Doorway by Keith Shuaib. Click on the picture to read it.

KeithShuaib1-1000x1000 (1)
Doorway by Keith Shuaib

Please donate to Inner City Helping Homelessness.

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