Up, Up and Away

I’m flying to Dublin today to attend the Hennessy Awards, so I don’t have time to post much, other than a fervent hope that my flight is less like this and more like this.    

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Run Lola Run

Watching it after all this time, it’s clear now how much Twyker has always been interested in Fate, Narrative, and what for want of a better term I will call That Meta Thing

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Over the Top

  2016 is the one hundredth anniversary of two of the bloodiest and most notorious battles of the First World War: Verdun and The Somme, as well as the end of the Gallipoli campaign.   Together these long, drawn-out and brutal fights for territory came to epitomise for many the futility of war. Bent double, like […]

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M is for Model

The fashion world is only occasionally fodder for filmmakers, which is odd considering that the heightened drama, histrionics, megalomania and the inherent superficiality of the industry would seem to make it a perfect choice for movies, if only to deflect the same criticisms of Hollywood. For the most part, though, when Hollywood does go after fashionistas, […]

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