The Casement Project

If you happen to be near Tralee this Saturday, there’s a festival of dance and music taking place at Banna Strand that looks to be unmissable. Féile Fáilte, organized by Irish choreographer Fearghus Ó Chonchúir, is a celebration and examination of the legacy of Roger Casement, the former British diplomat and humanitarian activist who threw his support behind […]

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RIP The Thin White Duke

What a sad start to the week. If the measure of an artist is their ability to reinvent themselves and their work, then David Bowie certainly passes the test. He was a musician, songwriter, actor, fashion icon, and passionate reader. His latest and last work (released just last week on his 69th birthday) is a […]

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When you’re David Bowie, you can do whatever the hell you like, and if that means a ten-minute jazzy avant-garde piece of synth-pop weirdness, with a batshit video to accompany it, than so be it. The music video has everything: dancing scarecrows (or are they dancing crucified Christs?); a stranded astronaut with a smiley face […]

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God Hates Renoir

I don’t know much about Art, but I know what I like is a line often spoken in defense of bad, uninspired, or otherwise run-of-the-mill paintings. But what about Art that’s considered masterful and hangs in galleries all over the world? The Art world is in the throes of a debate this week over the […]

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Tom Waits Talks About Moles

I found this gem at The AV Club.   PBS runs a series called Blank on Blank, featuring weirdly animated versions of old, forgotten interviews with legends, including Johnny Cash, Ray Bradbury, and James Brown.The animation is by Patrick Smith. Chris Roberts of Rock’s Back Pages interviewed Tom Waits in 1988 while Waits was staying […]

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Tout est pardonné?

This is the front cover of this week’s issue of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo The cartoon was drawn by Luz, who escaped last week’s massacre in Paris only because he was late for work. There is a fascinating interview with Luz here. The issue is published on Wednesday. 3 million copies will be printed […]

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Viktoria Modesta’s “bionic limb” video challenges our perceptions of disability in pop music

Originally posted on The Stake:
At 20, Viktoria Modesta had her left leg amputated below the knee. As a singer and performer, Modesta’s talent is undeniable. But Modesta says that for years, “pop culture closed its doors on me as an amputee and alternative artist.” Instead of finding representation, she was asked to appear on…

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Super Flemish

The fantastically-named Super Flemish is the answer to your prayers (if your prayers include “Please let me see what a 16th century Superman would look like.”)

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