Do Androids Dream of Electric Bleeps

If you haven’t seen Blade Runner 2049, please do so as soon as you can. It’s a visual feast of a film. And be sure to see it in a cinema with a good sound system – the film has an astonishing sound design, one that pays homage to and builds on the groundbreaking work […]

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RIP Barry Norman

For film fans of a certain generation, today is a sad day. Barry Norman, legendary film critic, has passed away. For almost 25 years he presented Film [insert year here] on BBC One, and arguably as one of the most influential British film critics, known to movie fans for his witty, insightful reviews of the […]

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Now this is how to do a trailer. Just the other day, I was watching this very interesting video about how to make a good movie trailer. Woodshock stars Kirsten Dunst and appears to be about her character wandering around the woods, standing by the water’s edge, and preparing medicinal joints. It’s filled with odd, woozy […]

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