Now this is how to do a trailer. Just the other day, I was watching this very interesting video about how to make a good movie trailer. Woodshock stars Kirsten Dunst and appears to be about her character wandering around the woods, standing by the water’s edge, and preparing medicinal joints. It’s filled with odd, woozy […]

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Fate of the Furious

File this under Batshit Insane Guilty Pleasures. Vin Diesel & Co.’s series of high-octane macho silliness continues apace with Fate of the Furious, with Charlize Theron along for the ride as a Bondesque submarine-wielding villain.

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The Mummy (trailer)

The Universal Monster Cinematic Universe has unveiled the trailer for the first film in the series: The Mummy It features: Tom Cruise doing Tom Cruise-y stuff. Russell Crowe as Doctor Jekyll and Mister Exposition. Sand. A woman who’s beautiful and brainy (she wears glasses). Whatever bits of London weren’t destroyed in London Has Fallen. A […]

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