Star Wars Weather Forecast

You might have heard of this little indie film called Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s proving rather popular, even before it officially opens, with fans finding creative ways to honour it, and the Internet doing what it does best, generating useless memes, which is all great fun for Star Wars nerds — as long as they don’t […]

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Happy April Fools Day!

The good people over at Man Crates asked me to post some classic practical joke uses for duct tape. For bloggers who don’t have time to do these but would still like to fool some people today, Man Crates can help you out by wrapping your blog in duct tape. Here are some classic April Fools Day […]

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How To Photobomb Like A Celebrity

  By Niall McArdle      The Hanksy – source:   Prince Harry recently photobombed some sports officials at the Commonwealth Games, as did his grandmother last week. When even royals are getting in on the photobombing trend, it’s a sure sign that the vogue for the selfie has been replaced by something far […]

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