The Royale With Cheeseathon: Celebrating 20 Years of Pulp Fiction

To mark the twentieth anniversary of Tarantino’s twisted crime tale, for the next few weeks I’m hosting a Royale With Cheeseathon.


You’re welcome to submit as many articles as you wish, on practically any topic, as long as you link your theme in some way to Pulp Fiction.

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Share What You Know

I honestly did not think I would end up writing about diverse as the thematic importance of smoking in movies, Miley Cyrus swinging on a sledgehammer, why walking is good for your brain, and that there’s a fossil named after Mick Jagger.

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They Look Like A Couple of Dorks! The T-Shirts of “Pulp Fiction”

by Niall McArdle Regular readers know that the Royale With Cheeseathon has been ongoing here since May, but this week is the 20th anniversary of Pulp Fiction opening in cinemas. source: dead4movie Vanity Fair has reprinted its fascinating history of the film’s production here Everybody wanted to be in th film, apparently. Actors considered for roles in the […]

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Obey the J-Law!

by Niall McArdle Happy Friday. I’m just popping by to let all you fluffsters know that I am still taking a blogging break after my You’re All Perverts Naked Jennifer Lawrence Blogiversary post, but I wanted to update you on flufferings to come. Coming Soon to the Fluffosphere or Obey the J-Law This is a […]

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