The Innocent of Falkland Road

“I’m only twelve,” said Ralph, “and I’m useless at lying. I’m no good at it.” (p127) “He’d have stuck with his namesake and Piggy. At least he hoped he would. He wasn’t very brave. But he’d have tried.” (270)   Carlo Gébler’s The Innocent of Falkland Road is a coming of age tale set in […]

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I is for Ida

Ida is an Oscar-nominated Polish film by Pawel Pawilowski. It is a beautifully-shot, haunting meditation on identity, spirituality and loneliness. I reviewed it last year in the run-up to the Oscars. Click on the photo to read the review. Bonus: I is also for Inception I have seen Inception several times, and I admire and […]

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All or Nothing

While the film is definitely a love story, it is also a nostalgic celebration of cracking Sunday roasts, homemade wine, real ale, cricket jumpers, herringbone jackets, lawn parties, and croquet

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