Ex Morgana?

A cynic would say that most of the actors are only here for an easy pay cheque. That’s not true: they’re here for an easy pay cheque and the chance to stay in a nice house in the country.

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Morgan (Trailer)

So Luke Scott (son of Ridley) has directed a sci-fi action thriller thingy called Morgan. It’s sort of like Ex Machina but it’s also sort of like Deep Blue Sea (corporate troubleshooter visits remote location to put a stop to boffins’ odd science experiment; things go amiss; mayhem ensues)   Review to follow: I didn’t […]

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Androids Do Dream of Electric Sheep … And Pig-Snails

“Will I dream?” asks HAL 9000 in 2010. It turns out that computers do indeed dream after all, and what they imagine is beautiful, surreal and unlike anything anybody could ever foresee. Unless, of course, you are Philip K. Dick, who wondered if androids dream of electric sheep. They do. Software engineers at Google tested the company’s servers to see if they […]

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