Batman V Superman

Like a superpowered alien with daddy issues, or a wealthy billionaire with a massive chip on his shoulder, the new trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has come brawling its way online. After teasing audiences for months with hints about what the new movie’s plot will be, Warner Bros’ new trailer makes the […]

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Coming Attractions

There was a lot to take in at this year’s Comic-Con, what with Star Wars news, a peek at the new episodes of the soon-to-be-ended Hannibal, trailers for The Walking Dead and its spinoff, some Marvel stuff, including the possibility of Old Man Wolverine, a Christmas Sherlock, and the first full-length trailer for Batman V. […]

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Happy Birthday, Matt Damon

The Oscar-winning actor, screenwriter turns 43 today. He and his BFF Ben Affleck got their big break with Good Will Hunting. He’d been around for a few years; he got noticed for playing a strung-out heroin addict in Courage Under Fire He got good notices for his role as the brilliant but unbalancedTom Ripley: Then […]

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