Oscars 2016: Joy

Another feel-good slice of petit bourgeois apple pie, filled with boisterous, larger-than-life characters with poor fashion sense, and it’s just about as conservative as a Frank Capra film

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The story of legendary athlete Jesse Owens gets the Hollywood treatment in Race (see, the title is a pun.) Owens made history in 1936 by- oh, spoiler alert – winning four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics. Of course, he had to overcome a lot of adversity both in Berlin (them Nazi boys didn’t care so […]

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Brilliant Biopics

By Niall McArdle Biographies generally make for great movies. Some people’s life stories have drama, triumph, torment,and tragedy, and if their lives happen to coincide with capital ‘H’ History, so much the better. Here are some biopics headed our way in the coming months. The Imitation Game: Brilliant, Gay English Mathematician The Theory of Everything: […]

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