Share What You Know

I honestly did not think I would end up writing about diverse as the thematic importance of smoking in movies, Miley Cyrus swinging on a sledgehammer, why walking is good for your brain, and that there’s a fossil named after Mick Jagger.

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Because I like the sound of my own voice I began You Tube fluffcasts a short while ago. You’re not under any obligation to watch … Okay, you are.

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Vote for, er, me … and a few others … if you want. Or not.


Nominations for the Irish Blog Awards for 2014 are now open. I’m not asking for your nomination or anything, no, no, not at all, perish the thought …. but in case you’re moseying around the old interweb and stumble upon it and think hey, isn’t this the thingamy that the Fluffster was prattling on about

The Awards recognise Irish blogs in 32 categories, covering everything from the Arts to Food to Politics to Personal. You can nominate as many blogs as you wish in as many categories you think suit.

If you would like to nominate silence cunning exile … maple syrup for an award  – and again, so we’re clear, I’m not begging or anything; I mean, Jesus, I have my dignity –  the only category for which I would be eligible would be Diaspora 

There are plenty of other Irish bloggers about who are deserving of your nominations. I would highly recommend Beanmimo, 746 Books, The Verbal Spew Review, Rachel Gaffney’s Real Ireland, and Clare O’Dea Writing.

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