Oscars 2016: Joy

Another feel-good slice of petit bourgeois apple pie, filled with boisterous, larger-than-life characters with poor fashion sense, and it’s just about as conservative as a Frank Capra film

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The Hangover Part III (DVD review)

I seem to recall that I quite enjoyed The Hangover, and that I watched The Hangover Part II without smiling once. The third – and thankfully final – part in the comedy series falls somewhere between the first two. It goes back to Las Vegas, perhaps to recapture some of the energy of the first […]

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The Place Beyond the Pines (DVD Review)

I only rented The Place Beyond the Pines because I was getting sick of seeing the trailer, which seems to have been tagged on to every DVD I’ve watched this year. And based upon that trailer, I really wasn’t expecting much. It looked to me like it was a crime-film straining too hard for meaning: I was wrong about that. I was unprepared, therefore, for just how good it is and how hard it finally hits home.

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