Tout est pardonné?

This is the front cover of this week’s issue of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo The cartoon was drawn by Luz, who escaped last week’s massacre in Paris only because he was late for work. There is a fascinating interview with Luz here. The issue is published on Wednesday. 3 million copies will be printed […]

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Banned Books Week Begins

By Niall McArdle This is Banned Books Week in the United States. Banned Books Week is the national book community’s annual celebration of the freedom to read. Hundreds of libraries and bookstores around the country draw attention to the problem of censorship by mounting displays of challenged books and hosting a variety of events. Banned […]

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Freedom to Read Week

By Niall McArdle Freedom to Read Week in Canada begins today. Similar to Banned Books Week in the United States, the annual event is a chance for readers to reflect upon the ever-present threat of censorship. Here is a sample of some of the books that have been challenged in Canada. The Handmaid’s Tale A […]

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