The Lobster (trailer)

The Kerry landscape is looking very pretty in the trailer for Colin Farrell’s new film, the surreal, dark comedy The Lobster. Farrell plays a chump of a divorced man who goes to a resort with other romantic losers, including Rachel Weisz, John C. Reilly, and Michael Smiley. If Farrell can’t find a partner by the […]

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TIFF Lineup Announced

Mountain climbing, space opera, gangland violence, dotty old ladies, high-wire adventurers, and people who turn into lobsters. It must be TIFF. The Toronto International Film Festival announced its lineup today. Here are some of the films which will be jostling for attention, many of which will possibly feature in next year’s Awards race. Big names […]

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Sorry, I’ve forgotten. What’s the film called? Total Recall (DVD review)

The film has a dark, grungy futuristic look and some cool visual effects. It’s a by-now standard dystopic vision of the future. Most of the planet is in ruins and uninhabitable. It seems to be almost always night and pissing rain, there are hover-cars, a disco-red light district, neon kanji and a surfeit of Asians: it’s “Blade Runner” for Dummies.

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