When you’re David Bowie, you can do whatever the hell you like, and if that means a ten-minute jazzy avant-garde piece of synth-pop weirdness, with a batshit video to accompany it, than so be it. The music video has everything: dancing scarecrows (or are they dancing crucified Christs?); a stranded astronaut with a smiley face […]

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Will the coffee in “Twin Peaks” be still damn good after 25 years?

by Niall McArdle Get ready for some damn good coffee, backward-talking dwarfs, and generally strange goings on in the Pacific Northwest, because Twin Peaks is coming back. After a couple of cryptic tweets from co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost over the weekend, it has been confirmed that the iconic TV series will return in 2016. A nine-episode season will […]

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