The Therapy House

Being a crime novel set in Dublin, it is inevitable that drugs and gangland criminals make an appearance, as well as the IRA, and while those elements play a part in the plot, Parsons is more interested in psychological wounds and how those wounds motivate.

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The Nice Guys

Shane Black seems interested in the dynamics between certain kind of men, and less so, the dynamics between men and women, or between women at all. His script for Lethal Weapon pretty much redefined buddy-buddy action movies: it payed tribute to the godfather of buddy films,  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid while setting the template (burnt-out hero; […]

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N is for Nick and Nora

N is for Nick and Nora It’s really no surprise that Nick and Nora Charles captivated audiences when the sleuthing couple tipsily arrived on screen in 1934 in The Thin Man. Prohibition in America had just recently been repealed; the nation was in the mood for a drink, and Nick and Nora happily imbibed. A […]

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