M is for Model

The fashion world is only occasionally fodder for filmmakers, which is odd considering that the heightened drama, histrionics, megalomania and the inherent superficiality of the industry would seem to make it a perfect choice for movies, if only to deflect the same criticisms of Hollywood. For the most part, though, when Hollywood does go after fashionistas, […]

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They Look Like A Couple of Dorks! The T-Shirts of “Pulp Fiction”

by Niall McArdle Regular readers know that the Royale With Cheeseathon has been ongoing here since May, but this week is the 20th anniversary of Pulp Fiction opening in cinemas. source: dead4movie Vanity Fair has reprinted its fascinating history of the film’s production here Everybody wanted to be in th film, apparently. Actors considered for roles in the […]

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