E is for Ealing

E is for Ealing While most of this months #atozchallenge focuses on Hollywood in the Golden Age, I thought I should pay tribute to Ealing Studios (plus the only ‘E’  could think of who was a definite movie star was Nelson Eddy). The name Ealing Studios is synonymous with a certain kind of British comedy […]

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REELOUT Film Festival announces Festival Winners!

REELOUT Film Festival announces Audience Favourites!

By Niall McArdle


The Reelout Queer Film & Video Festival, held last week in Kingston, Ontario, and which I wrote about here, has just posted its audience awards.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Whispers of Life won the award for Best Short

Audrey Lorde: The Berlin Years was voted Best Documentary

Reaching for the Moon won Best Feature

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