No Small Feat

Two new Irish novels that both deal with the same subject have been published recently. Words to Shape My Name by Laura McKenna and The Ballad of Lord Edward and Citizen Small by Neil Jordan deal with the former slave Tony Small, servant of United Irishman Lord Edward Fitzgerald. Though both novels tell the same […]

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Teaser Tuesdays

It should be explained at the outset that we cannot observe the killing of cats at firsthand. We can study it only through Contat’s narrative, written about twenty years after the event.

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Diasporational Part Three: The Irishman Who Taught Churchill Oratory

Winston Churchill is for many the epitome of English statesman, scholar and orator. With his V for Victory sign, his cigars and his bulldog frame, he stands as the Imperial Briton, the Victorian English gentleman who helped deliver the world from the Nazis.

It is ironic, therefore that this most English of leaders, famed for his speechmaking, borrowed much of his oratorical style from an Irishman.

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