Begorrathon 2017: William Orpen

For me, though, I will always be drawn to the National Gallery to see The Holy Well, Orpen’s scathing repudiation of a romanticised view of western Ireland and Celticism as ‘pure’ and ‘authentic’ (a notion that was very en vogue at the time; see William Butler Yeats).

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Begorrathon 2017: Grattan and Me

There’s a Zulu proverb – umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu – that roughly translates as “A person is a person because of people”: in other words, our characters are shaped by those we encounter and are ever changing. That is the rough theme of Tom O’Neill’s Grattan and Me, a sprawling, freewheeling satirical look at modern Ireland, circa […]

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  I was recently nominated for the Awesome blogger award by My Mind Reels Through Film.   It’s very odd.   I mean, seriously weird.   Like, Japan -level weird.   The Rules: #1. Copy and paste the image with the rules. #2. Share one thing that you thing that makes you truly awesome. #3. Nominate other bloggers for […]

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Dublin & Dredd

Firstly, apologies, fluffsters, for my absence from the blogosphere for the last few days. I am currently visiting family and friends in Dublin and have not had time to do much on the old interweb. I almost made it to the end of the A to Z Challenge for April, but I wasn’t able to […]

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